Why Have I been MIA on the blog. Well because I seriously suck at it. I always have so much to share but then I have to open this cute little lap top that I HAD TO HAVE for blogging.  Computers give me a bit of anxiety. UGH!!! I am not sure why maybe because I am a crafty person and sitting in front of a screen thats lit up is boring- lets just say I rather be in front of a Lite Brite, that would be fun. Random, haha!

We have adjusted quite nicely into the little shop- even as I sit here I have a bunch of ideas for the walls. Maybe something I did in the past. Hmmmm. any guesses?  As much as I like ship lap I don’t think I will do that,  at least not this month.

I have been working on many In home designs and I super like doing that.  Its great bringing the visions of what is in my head to life through decor. Does that make sense?

Now onto the personal stuff-

Today is my Baby’s first day back to school and the first one that I wasn’t there to make him breakfast or more like take him for a Donut. The first one to not take a traditional cheesy picture of him standing by the door. Flashbacks of all the other years rush into my vision. Mostly his Kinder pic with his class of 2019 t-shirt that I made him. I Miss my littles.  Divorce has challenges.  I know we will be ok.

One of My littles- that is a young man now- is now a Daddy. My beautiful Granddaughter was born earlier this month and she Is the “Apple” of my eye. A grandchild’s love is a love I can’t explain. If you’re a grandparent- Hey, Thats Me I am a grand parent -CRAZY!!! Anyway, if you’re a grandparent you know the love and emotion I am talking about.


This is an old post it took me this long to have the courage to post it. Courage..



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