My Middle Son, Cody and his girlfriend are getting into a new house. It’s a fixer upper. I am so excited that they asked me to be in charge of the kitchen. When I was going to school for design my speciality was in Kitchen and Bath. My two favorite places in a house- the kitchen is the hub where you can make meals made with love for the family and the bathroom is Me time- (not to poo, lol- oh well sometimes) It’s my place with no distractions just me time. Who hasn’t hid out in the bathroom? Be honest. Especially if you’re a mom-or dad – You know the fake or extra long bathroom trips- Gasp!!!

Anyway,  back to the fixer upper. So far I have ripped out everything in the kitchen. YAY!!! My son and I started taking off the very dated tile backsplash when I accidentally put a hole into the drywall and thats when I saw something- I teensy glimpse of ship lap. Then I got buck wild and started taking all the dry wall and random paneling off- to discover that the entire kitchen has ship lap.  I know that the rest of the house must have it too… but I must contain my excitement and not stray from the space I am in charge of.

Here are a few pics of what’s going on the kitchen…

Image 4

This is the before picture- ALL of this had to come out.



Knocking out the tile

Image 1

I’ve gone ship lap crazy…

Image 2

Cody is now excited too!

Image 5

We have some serious sanding to do.

Image 3

Clean slate… Everything is out- its just the walls and plumbing pipes. Visions lots of visions.



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