Wowzers friends!

Where to start? Easy part-Hard part…

Easy Part… We have been in our new location for 6 weeks now! WHAT? Yep! the time is flying by.  We have had a handful of Super fun workshops and have a BUNCH more on the schedule. Please click on the workshop link to view and sign up. Merci!

So here is the hard part…

EEKS! This is hard for me… I thought about candy coating it but I am just going to say it…

Retail business has been really slow. Like REALLY s l o w. . .   I need your HELP. If you could please share this post link and or tell your friends or even bring friends in for a peek at the store or to do a workshop that would be SO Super Fabulous. And I would be SO SO SO SUPER GRATEFUL!  ( not yelling- just like Super thankful talking loud)

This is my dream and my job- I can’t quit- I have to pay the bills-  I have a year to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.  If I had a Five…blooms hat I would have it on inside out right now and If I had a monkey he would be doing a silly Dance right now.  (Angel fans lingo)

Please rally with me to Make this work.

What does Five…blooms offer?

Retail: Home decor, Fragrances, gifts etc. -Home – life and Style Boutique- that us!

Online shopping


Birthday parties

private parties

Painting- custom painting furniture

Design consultations- Furniture placement- paint colors etc.

I know I am supposed to fake it till I make it but I can fake it alone.

Through my tears I Thank you!



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