This Saturday- Tomorrow the Parkview Village is putting on a fall festival. Last Saturday was the Grand Opening of Five…blooms in its new location and now an event. YAY!!

I will be hosting a DIY Workshop. Decorating Mini Pumpkins. If you are in the area stop by. The first 30 guests will get to decorate one. The Family event is from 10-3. I have a super duper cute BIG tepee in my store too. Its decorated for fall picture taking. Double Yay!!!



In case you can’t make it here is the video of what we will be making…

Click on the Link 🙂


By everyone- I mean the first 30 People- sorry… I can’t estimate how many people will come so I have to set a budget. BOOOOO for budgets.

Tools needed to make the Mini Pumpkins:

Mini Pumpkin

Paint Pen or sharpie Pen

Paper to doodle design on -if you want to practice first.


Here’s is the scoop on the pictures— It was brought to my attention that they are sideways- I was Like WHATTTTTTTT??? Because flipping the darn things and editing them is what takes me the longest. It’s so not fun for me to sit in front of my computer. So, after spending this time flipping them is when I was told they were sideways.  When I preview the post on my laptop they are the right way but on Phones they are sideways… UGH!!! I’m thinking most of you are reading from the phone so I am leaving them sideways and if your on a desktop or laptop-sorry. I plan on going to apple to figure this out.

Have a fabulous weekend and I hope to see you tomorrow.


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