Some of my favorite memories of me and my Dad are the mornings that I would get up early. I would walk my sleepy half awake self into the kitchen where my Dad would be making his folgers coffee before work. His work mornings were early, still dark outside. He would often times get out the chips A’hoy cookies, that my Mom always had for him. We would stand and dunk the cookies into his coffee.  They were so yummy with the hot coffee making them soft. As an adult whenever I dunk cookies or toast into my drinks I think of my Dad. I miss him but I am so thankful for such great memories.

Today I stopped and got my fall favorite. Pumpkin Spice Latte and stopped off at the store to get MORE pumpkins and I just happened to stroll the cookie Isle and saw Gluten Free Ginger snaps. Immediately I knew this would be a yummy addition to my latte. IMG_8449

My work Morning at the shop.  Do you ever read Mingle magazine?

I drafted this early today and planned on adding more but I’m still at my sons   Performance. Check back tomorrow for a tutorial. 😉

Good night!


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