This wasn’t originally what My Blog post was going to be about.

While driving home I was listening to country and Miranda’s song Automatic came on and I am a lyrics Girl- so I was listening to the lyrics and thought how true some of the lyrics were ( well most) I related to a certain part and it got me thinking…

“When everything is handed to you it’s only worth as much as the time put in”

Isn’t that the truth!

Then it got me thinking of Christmas and Gifts.   Many of us are rushing out to buy something to be the perfect gift or maybe to make it easier. Shopping is easier then making something handmade sometimes.   I guess…   BUT Christmas is a VERY special day and the gifts should be too. (I’m not saying store bought gifts can’t be special) It would just be nice to take it back to handmade.

Since this wasn’t my original planned post. I don’t have pics pre planned so These are some I just took of some of my Favorite handmade things that I treasure in my house.


My favorite 5.. Handmade for me.


These custom cutting boards- they say Five…blooms made by a lady that learned the trade from her grandfather


A beautiful Blanket made by my friend Carla.


This super cute boo Banner made by my friend Wendy T.


These darling handmade coasters made by a friend over 10 years ago. This should be a workshop.
Planked wood sign made by me for my oldest Son.

Some of these things I have had for a Long time and some not so long but they all mean so much to me because they have a story and or meaning behind them.

just sharing my thoughts.


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