I am So Excited for the new year.. What it holds for me is very unsure but I am ready,  more ready then I have ever been.

For Several Years now I have picked a word of the year.  This year my word is a bit out of the norm from my past years. I am consistently working on being a better me- so my word for this is year is… Drumroll please- Tell me that you really made the drumroll sound because that would make me really happy… My word is… VULNERABILITY – There are many ways to read into this word- I am learning from Brené Brown, that VULNERABILITY is “the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” I am ready to be vulnerable!

“You can Choose comfort or you can Choose Courage but you can’t have both” Choose Happy!

With that,  I WISH you all A very Happy and Prosperous New Year -make it amazing – this is YOUR year make it Sparkle!!! Be Positive, Be Brave and Choose Happy.




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