What a FUN and exciting weekend. I can’t believe it happened. I was SO NERVOUS and Excited about the Grand Opening. Thank you so much for all that continue to support Five… And to the new friends I made on Saturday. What a great feeling it is when people come to the store and then look forward to coming back.

We had a fun workshop with Ashlie from @howe_chic and we already have another workshop planned for November 14th. The workshop schedule will be up tomorrow with Links to sign up. Yippee!!!  Fall is my favorite time of year so I tend to do more workshops. Just sayin’

I will have many more pics from the Grand Opening to share this week- Beth took some with the “good camera”  Here are a few from my phone…


This is when we first OPENed the door. Do you notice something that we forgot to do???


The Fresh Flowers Cart… I took this at night when I was about to bring the cart in.  I forgot it was outside. Oops!


The workshop… It was so fun!

Dont forget to check back weekdays for more posts,  paint tips and tutorials.

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I am excited and nervous and hopeful… I have so many emotions going on right now.  Mostly I am excited. I am also totally exhausted AKA Toast..  So,  this is going to be a short post. Mostly a post of pics.


My Sister and I Made lots of flower arrangements – these Kale flowers were fun to play with.




One of the many arrangements that we made – this one Sister made.


I wanted to make a Pumpkin blooming blooms of course..

It turned out pretty darn cute… Stop by to see it or buy it. 😉



Mmmmmm. Pumpkin.. Yes, I really tasted it and its yummy..


This was a pic I took as we were leaving -the Grand Opening chalk board. I can hardly wait to put it out tomorrow. :O) Yipppeeee!!!


The Flower cart is ready to be displayed at the front of Five…blooms..

See you Tomorrow. I need to try to get some sleep now.


Tonight I am doing a  Special little blog post for my Sister… She has seriously been such a cheerleader for me during this entire process. From Moving the store from Temecula to Long Beach. She was not one of the people that said I knew you couldn’t do it from that far. She kindly said it would’ve been hard for you because you like being a part of your store. (that’s the nice way of telling me)

She has been at the store as much as her schedule allows- helping me unpack and declutter- I’m sure she realizes what a craft supply hoarder I am now. YIKES!!!

She Has shared my posts about the Grand Opening and workshops oodles of times on her social media. She helped me fill my grand opening workshop. And she made sure I had lots of gluten free snacks to keep me energized during my long hours at the shop.

She is making the super cute and I know yummy cupcakes for the grand opening.

Throughout our younger years (so– not that long ago 😉 we were Best friends we would laugh till we pee’d — well maybe almost pee’d ha!  We would fight like crazy and we for sure have had our differences. But no matter what we are Sisters and that bond can not be broken and we won’t let it.

Thank you Sister– I am lucky to have a Big sister who is my cheerleader and takes mosquito bites for me and is my seat fairy ( I knew there was one)  and for making me laugh so hard that even people that know us don’t get it. What’s that shiny thing on his head—lmbo!!!!!


Sexy and we know it! HAHA!!!


Do these glasses make my eyes look Big? Ummm Do my eyes look small? HAHA! We traded glasses. We almost have the same style glasses.

I Love you Sister…

2 More sleeps.. till the Grand Opening



I have been pursuing my passion for interior design and home decor and painting for many years. To be able to live out a dream is an amazing feeling. Sometimes Scary too. Just sayin’..   I get to do what I love and I am so thankful. To be able to have a retail store where I can connect with you and make new friends.  To hear the stories that you all share with me is the best part of my job .  Because of all of you I am able to open Five…blooms..  Where Five… made roots, blooms will grow.  I feel very welcomed in my new location. Friends and Family have shown so much support. Thank You All!

This Saturday is the BIG day… and I can hardly wait to open the doors. I hope to see you!

We will have a leather bar- Make a hand stamped key ring from 10-1

Yummy Cupcakes and Sparkling beverages.

A grand opening workshop! Yay!!

And much much more!!




I had this Hutch that I purchased from the good will for a steal. $75

It was oak with a tiny bit of shine to it. I knew I could make it fabulous with a little bit of paint.


This picture is CRAZY!!! This is when everything was first moved into the new shop also the only pic I can find with the hutch in it. I know I took a before pic of the hutch but I can’t find it so all the way to the right in this picture you can see the hutch. YIKES! Also, you will be more impressed when you come to the grand opening to see how much the space has changed. THANK GOODNESS! haha!


For some reason I thought it was a good idea to wear brand new white shorts to paint and move furniture and prep for the grand opening. I did ok- no paint and minimal dirt. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking- Fashion over practical. Yep, that kinda describes me.


I thought this was fun… I saw on @raeannkelly instagram – picture that she posted with neutral walls and then some color pops and I super liked it. The above picture neutrals and below with a pop of coral. It just adds a little fun.  Rae Ann Kelly is the graphic designer who made my logo. How could I not like her we practically have the same names.(-Kelly add Toni)  And my logo that we created is fab too. 😉


Color Pops… I really like saying #colorpops


This is the finished Hutch- the lightening was not great for this picture. But it turned out so pretty. 2 Coats of fusion mineral paint $24.50 and I still have paint left over. The top coat is already built in. Its a very cool and easy to use product. I will post a better picture on instagram tomorrow with the natural lighting.


This Past weekend I went to the AMAZING RiSE festival.  What is the RiSE festival…

“RiSE elevates hope, ignites dreams, and creates memories you will never forget”

It gave me the opportunity to let go and forgive and to Dream. A feeling of Peace and Hope. An emotion I can’t describe. Writing this and remembering the moment my lantern drifted off into the night sky brings tears to my eyes. It is something I am so thankful that I did.

It is held in the Mojave desert. Pretty much we were in the middle of no where. Walked over a mile of dark desert to an area filled with strangers all with hopes of releasing emotions and dreaming Big. A place where we were all friends. An environment that I appreciated and live music that filled my soul with hope.

Here are a few pictures.


This was an Amazing Site to see thousands of lanterns RiSE at the same time


I… am proud of my accomplishments… I Will Believe in Me .. and I will continue to DREAM BIG.. I Have Hope… I have faith…


Me and one of my Best friends sharing this amazing time together.


Watching our Lantern RiSE…

I would encourage everyone to go — I will go again..


I used the word Amazing a lot in this post because it truly was.


Hello Friends,

I thought I would share 3 different stages of pretty much one look…

My Five… Minute look is the one I use the most -because I only wash my hair about every 4days! WHAT!!! Yeah, well it takes forever to straighten and then curl to make it look like I have nice curly hair when in reality it is CrAy CrAy!! Like seriously it is! You will see in the pics.

My Five minute makeup look is something I learned Way back in the day when I worked in cosmetics. I had to teach people how to put on a full face with shadow and all in 5 minutes. The look was called the Naked look or the Naughty naked look. Does anyone know/ remember the company I worked for? Guesses? It was carried  in a major dept. store that is no longer around. Well that could actually be a few. Anyway…

My bag of tricks. Literally I got ready at work today so I threw all my stuff into a paper bag.


This is the complete 5 Minute look- Makeup done and hair left natural pulled back.


This is the 15 Minute look- Same make-up and Just the front of the hair partially curled. I learned this trick from the late – Fabulous Farrah Fawcett. I remember watching her on David Letterman and she shared that when she did her own hair she never worried about doing the back. She Said no one is taking a picture of the back of your head.. I will always remember that advice. And I have used it- a lot. She Was Fabulous. —-   I can’t see if your making faces at the back of my hair as I walk away, Ha!! 😉


And thats what the back looks like. My face says it all. Woah!


The 50 minute look- My entire head is straightened and then curled. The Farrah Fawcett hair- classic right?


Have a Fabulous weekend! Chat with you again on Monday.


Hello Friends,

Are you Ever out shopping thrift stores or garage sales and see an awesome find that seems to need a lot of work that might be costly? Don’t pass up that treasure. You can give it a makeover for way less then you might think.  Here is what I am working on..

The Table set Im working on was actually given to me by a fellow instagram friend and blogger.  WOW!! Free!


This is the before with the upholstery that needed replacing.

 I went to Target and bought a really pretty towel to use as the ‘upholstery’ fabric. It is so soft and feels yummy.  1 regular size bath towel will re-cover 2 chairs.

(the size chairs I am re-covering are average dining chair size.)


After the cushions were removed form the chairs.. I ripped the old covering(s) 4 total but I only took 2 of the last off to keep some extra cushion since I didn’t want to replace the padding. I cut the towel in half  pulled it tight working from the front then each side finishing in the back pulling each side tight as I went along. If you are working with a pattern this is important. You don’t want a crooked pattern. Easy, Right?

This is the chair with the pretty new towel upholstery.


Cost$12.34 Per towel each towel covered 2 chairs. 3 towels $37.02- covers 6 standard chairs

I will eventually (soon) Paint the chairs grey. The cost of that will be $24.50 if I add a tough coat sealer that would only be $22 more. I will be using Fusion mineral paint to paint the chairs and table.

A new to me table set for under $85


Hello Friends,

My Liking for whales started when my oldest son was very young. He really liked whales.  I think it started with the movie Free Willie. I watched that movie SO MANY times with him. Such a cute movie. At Christmas when we would pick out ornaments his would always be a whale. I didn’t realize until about the past year or two that I really like whales too. I’m sure partly (mostly) because it reminds me of my son and when he was a little.

I bought him this darling whale ornament the year before last for Christmas and this one stays at my house for the family tree. It’s actually out all year. It rests on the piano. it has a glitter spout. (The picture didn’t capture that.)

We might have theses at Five...blooms this year ;)

We might have these darling ornaments at Five…blooms this year 😉

wood whale wall hanging so cute. I might need to get one of these of r my home.

Wood whale wall hanging- so cute. I might need to get one of these for my home.

This was the sneak peek window at Five...blooms. and there were 2 whales. Yep, I kinda like them.

This was the sneak peek window at Five…blooms. and there were 2 whales. Yep, I kinda like them.

What the Whale!!! (I'm tired)  My humor it be off. It sounds funny to me.  This was at morning surf class- yes, it was a whale that close to shore! CRAZY!!! the kids didn't mind.

What the Whale!!! (I’m tired) My humor might be goofy- might, haha!  It sounds funny to me.
This was at morning surf class- yes, it was a whale that close to shore! CRAZY!!! The kids didn’t mind.

cute Wood/Stick whale. This hangs above the piano at my house.

Cute Wood/Stick whale. This hangs above the piano at my house.

Have you used the waterlogue app? Its so cool.  You can take any picture and turn into water colors.

Have you used the waterlogue app? Its so cool. You can take any picture from your phone and turn into water colors.

The same whale picture as before. This time i used the waterlogue app.

The same whale picture as before. This time I used the waterlogue app.

Good Night!

Hello Friends,

This is going to be a short post because I forgot my laptop at the shop. So, I’m blogging from my phone. My iPhone 6 that seemed so BIG when I got it but now it doesn’t really seem like it.

Anyway… Today Five… Officially became Five…blooms

Why blooms? We are blooming.. Five… Will now also carry fresh flowers and some plants. Yay! Super excited.

“Each of us is a flower growing in life’s garden”

This little quote from a song my 22 year old son sang in pre school has so much meaning to me. I hope it can mean something to all of us. We are all delicate flowers blooming in many different ways — but we are all beautiful blooms!imagethe new logo!