Welcome to Five… Blooms.


Five…Blooms came about in 2011.  I have always had a passion for interior design. Going way back to decorating my Barbie’s homes. In 2011 I made it a goal to follow my passion. So, with a worn out pair of jeans from my youngest son,  I started making flowers and pillows. And it continued with shopping at flea markets, goodwills etc. I do love adding new items into the mix as well. My style is vintage fresh. Which just means vintage and new.

I started my journey doing boutiques and ventured my way into the Urban Barn where I rented a space for almost a year. I then went for it and opened a store of my own. This was scary and exciting. I was in Old Town Temecula for 2 years before moving to Long Beach and relocating the store. Was this even scarier then opening the first initial store? HECK YES!!! would I do it again? Yes… Well sometimes that answer depends on the day. What makes it all worth it is the friends I have met during this journey.


I hope you enjoy my posts.



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