Why Have I been MIA on the blog. Well because I seriously suck at it. I always have so much to share but then I have to open this cute little lap top that I HAD TO HAVE for blogging.  Computers give me a bit of anxiety. UGH!!! I am not sure why maybe because I am a crafty person and sitting in front of a screen thats lit up is boring- lets just say I rather be in front of a Lite Brite, that would be fun. Random, haha!

We have adjusted quite nicely into the little shop- even as I sit here I have a bunch of ideas for the walls. Maybe something I did in the past. Hmmmm. any guesses?  As much as I like ship lap I don’t think I will do that,  at least not this month.

I have been working on many In home designs and I super like doing that.  Its great bringing the visions of what is in my head to life through decor. Does that make sense?

Now onto the personal stuff-

Today is my Baby’s first day back to school and the first one that I wasn’t there to make him breakfast or more like take him for a Donut. The first one to not take a traditional cheesy picture of him standing by the door. Flashbacks of all the other years rush into my vision. Mostly his Kinder pic with his class of 2019 t-shirt that I made him. I Miss my littles.  Divorce has challenges.  I know we will be ok.

One of My littles- that is a young man now- is now a Daddy. My beautiful Granddaughter was born earlier this month and she Is the “Apple” of my eye. A grandchild’s love is a love I can’t explain. If you’re a grandparent- Hey, Thats Me I am a grand parent -CRAZY!!! Anyway, if you’re a grandparent you know the love and emotion I am talking about.


This is an old post it took me this long to have the courage to post it. Courage..



Hello Friends,

This week at the shop I am doing lots of prepping for a Shabby Chic Birthday party that I am hosting for a great customer.

Super fun crafts in the works this week. Here is a tutorial of one of them.

Tassel Tutorial



My Middle Son, Cody and his girlfriend are getting into a new house. It’s a fixer upper. I am so excited that they asked me to be in charge of the kitchen. When I was going to school for design my speciality was in Kitchen and Bath. My two favorite places in a house- the kitchen is the hub where you can make meals made with love for the family and the bathroom is Me time- (not to poo, lol- oh well sometimes) It’s my place with no distractions just me time. Who hasn’t hid out in the bathroom? Be honest. Especially if you’re a mom-or dad – You know the fake or extra long bathroom trips- Gasp!!!

Anyway,  back to the fixer upper. So far I have ripped out everything in the kitchen. YAY!!! My son and I started taking off the very dated tile backsplash when I accidentally put a hole into the drywall and thats when I saw something- I teensy glimpse of ship lap. Then I got buck wild and started taking all the dry wall and random paneling off- to discover that the entire kitchen has ship lap.  I know that the rest of the house must have it too… but I must contain my excitement and not stray from the space I am in charge of.

Here are a few pics of what’s going on the kitchen…

Image 4

This is the before picture- ALL of this had to come out.



Knocking out the tile

Image 1

I’ve gone ship lap crazy…

Image 2

Cody is now excited too!

Image 5

We have some serious sanding to do.

Image 3

Clean slate… Everything is out- its just the walls and plumbing pipes. Visions lots of visions.



I am So Excited for the new year.. What it holds for me is very unsure but I am ready,  more ready then I have ever been.

For Several Years now I have picked a word of the year.  This year my word is a bit out of the norm from my past years. I am consistently working on being a better me- so my word for this is year is… Drumroll please- Tell me that you really made the drumroll sound because that would make me really happy… My word is… VULNERABILITY – There are many ways to read into this word- I am learning from Brené Brown, that VULNERABILITY is “the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” I am ready to be vulnerable!

“You can Choose comfort or you can Choose Courage but you can’t have both” Choose Happy!

With that,  I WISH you all A very Happy and Prosperous New Year -make it amazing – this is YOUR year make it Sparkle!!! Be Positive, Be Brave and Choose Happy.




Wowzers friends!

Where to start? Easy part-Hard part…

Easy Part… We have been in our new location for 6 weeks now! WHAT? Yep! the time is flying by.  We have had a handful of Super fun workshops and have a BUNCH more on the schedule. Please click on the workshop link to view and sign up. Merci!

So here is the hard part…

EEKS! This is hard for me… I thought about candy coating it but I am just going to say it…

Retail business has been really slow. Like REALLY s l o w. . .   I need your HELP. If you could please share this post link and or tell your friends or even bring friends in for a peek at the store or to do a workshop that would be SO Super Fabulous. And I would be SO SO SO SUPER GRATEFUL!  ( not yelling- just like Super thankful talking loud)

This is my dream and my job- I can’t quit- I have to pay the bills-  I have a year to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.  If I had a Five…blooms hat I would have it on inside out right now and If I had a monkey he would be doing a silly Dance right now.  (Angel fans lingo)

Please rally with me to Make this work.

What does Five…blooms offer?

Retail: Home decor, Fragrances, gifts etc. -Home – life and Style Boutique- that us!

Online shopping


Birthday parties

private parties

Painting- custom painting furniture

Design consultations- Furniture placement- paint colors etc.

I know I am supposed to fake it till I make it but I can fake it alone.

Through my tears I Thank you!



This Saturday- Tomorrow the Parkview Village is putting on a fall festival. Last Saturday was the Grand Opening of Five…blooms in its new location and now an event. YAY!!

I will be hosting a DIY Workshop. Decorating Mini Pumpkins. If you are in the area stop by. The first 30 guests will get to decorate one. The Family event is from 10-3. I have a super duper cute BIG tepee in my store too. Its decorated for fall picture taking. Double Yay!!!



In case you can’t make it here is the video of what we will be making…

Click on the Link 🙂


By everyone- I mean the first 30 People- sorry… I can’t estimate how many people will come so I have to set a budget. BOOOOO for budgets.

Tools needed to make the Mini Pumpkins:

Mini Pumpkin

Paint Pen or sharpie Pen

Paper to doodle design on -if you want to practice first.


Here’s is the scoop on the pictures— It was brought to my attention that they are sideways- I was Like WHATTTTTTTT??? Because flipping the darn things and editing them is what takes me the longest. It’s so not fun for me to sit in front of my computer. So, after spending this time flipping them is when I was told they were sideways.  When I preview the post on my laptop they are the right way but on Phones they are sideways… UGH!!! I’m thinking most of you are reading from the phone so I am leaving them sideways and if your on a desktop or laptop-sorry. I plan on going to apple to figure this out.

Have a fabulous weekend and I hope to see you tomorrow.


Some of my favorite memories of me and my Dad are the mornings that I would get up early. I would walk my sleepy half awake self into the kitchen where my Dad would be making his folgers coffee before work. His work mornings were early, still dark outside. He would often times get out the chips A’hoy cookies, that my Mom always had for him. We would stand and dunk the cookies into his coffee.  They were so yummy with the hot coffee making them soft. As an adult whenever I dunk cookies or toast into my drinks I think of my Dad. I miss him but I am so thankful for such great memories.

Today I stopped and got my fall favorite. Pumpkin Spice Latte and stopped off at the store to get MORE pumpkins and I just happened to stroll the cookie Isle and saw Gluten Free Ginger snaps. Immediately I knew this would be a yummy addition to my latte. IMG_8449

My work Morning at the shop.  Do you ever read Mingle magazine?

I drafted this early today and planned on adding more but I’m still at my sons   Performance. Check back tomorrow for a tutorial. 😉

Good night!


This wasn’t originally what My Blog post was going to be about.

While driving home I was listening to country and Miranda’s song Automatic came on and I am a lyrics Girl- so I was listening to the lyrics and thought how true some of the lyrics were ( well most) I related to a certain part and it got me thinking…

“When everything is handed to you it’s only worth as much as the time put in”

Isn’t that the truth!

Then it got me thinking of Christmas and Gifts.   Many of us are rushing out to buy something to be the perfect gift or maybe to make it easier. Shopping is easier then making something handmade sometimes.   I guess…   BUT Christmas is a VERY special day and the gifts should be too. (I’m not saying store bought gifts can’t be special) It would just be nice to take it back to handmade.

Since this wasn’t my original planned post. I don’t have pics pre planned so These are some I just took of some of my Favorite handmade things that I treasure in my house.


My favorite 5.. Handmade for me.


These custom cutting boards- they say Five…blooms made by a lady that learned the trade from her grandfather


A beautiful Blanket made by my friend Carla.


This super cute boo Banner made by my friend Wendy T.


These darling handmade coasters made by a friend over 10 years ago. This should be a workshop.
Planked wood sign made by me for my oldest Son.

Some of these things I have had for a Long time and some not so long but they all mean so much to me because they have a story and or meaning behind them.

just sharing my thoughts.